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The MICAL Agency was created to respond to today’s social context, which is in need of opportunities for progress and improvement—especially in a job training context where certain professionals are in high demand, as is the case in some provinces of Canada, and Quebec in particular. MICAL, or the Mission internationale Canada Amérique latine, offers services to meet the needs of Latin American inhabitants seeking the opportunity to build a more secure future in Canada, since, unfortunately, in many cases, their country of origin is unable to provide them with sufficient income to meet their needs.

We are a for-profit organization launching on the market in conjunction with other Canadian educational entities and NGOs to provide you and your family with the resources you need. Our mission: to connect you with the top Canadian service and professional training offers in the context of the strong demand for qualified workers, and in so doing, to create rich new possibilities for immigrants’ lives and for promoting cultural diversity. Moreover, we are currently developing our Mission Canada International program for international studies.


Project Manager: Freddy Moreno Santana

Allow me to introduce myself: I am a 52-year-old social leader and human rights advocate who came to Canada in May 2009 and settled with my family in the city of Granby, Quebec. I have nine children. 

In 2013, while I was studying to become a production technician, I created the Fondation Interaméricaine Alianza Atlantic Pacific (FUNIALAPA/FONIALAPA). I completed my studies in 2016 and earned my CNC operator diploma in Brome-Missisquoi. I then managed to launch efforts in Colombia with the Eastern Townships International Study Program (Mission internationale du Canada).

In 2018, I completed business start-up studies at the CRIF. The same year, my partners and I created the company MICAL & Associates and put together a related project, Latin American Workers in Action (Mission Canada International program). I am currently studying business representation at the CRIF.

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