Latin americain francization

Since it was founded in 2016, FUNIALAPA has sought out school partners to provide students with French instruction. Specifically, these are students interested in immigrating to Canada through the Eastern Townships school board.

However, the fact is that most of these students lacked the economic resources to come to Quebec to study a technical career.  This need led to the launch of the Latin American Workers in Action program to respond to certain shortcomings in Latin American countries while also addressing the need for qualified workers for technical careers in Canada. 

The project is geared toward a diversity of Latinos, irrespective of age, sex or nationality, and emphasizes the value of their participation and integration in Canadian culture. The idea is to help them become suitable candidates for our Latino Workers in Action program. Such projects represent a monumental task for us in terms of bringing attention to durable alternatives for fair, appropriate and systematic appropriate aid. The intent is always to showcase the extraordinary potential contributions of Latin Americans, both as people and as workers.

The lack of opportunities in developing countries, including Colombia and Latin America, is a widespread problem. In response to this problem, MICAL & Associates encourages creating solutions, integrating workers, and implementing certain strategic policies to facilitate immigrants’ establishment in Canada.

Through its Latin American Workers in Action program, the MICAL & Associates project seeks to enhance the social contributions and social bonds of immigrant families which, upon their arrival, will be able to obtain an employment contract and strengthen their technical skills in school board-managed schools for adults. This also gives them the opportunity to contribute their skills in other areas (e.g., arts and music) while undergoing training to meet the needs of Canadian businesses.