MICAL agency is a great solution for the business managers and for the integration of the students and the Spanish workers in Canadian companies.

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- About us -


We are a for-profit organization launching on the market in conjunction with other Canadian educational entities and NGOs to provide you and your family with the resources you need. Our mission: to connect you with the top Canadian service and professional training offers in the context of the strong demand for qualified workers, and in so doing, to create rich new possibilities for immigrants’ lives and for promoting cultural diversity. Moreover, we are currently developing our Mission Canada International program for international studies.

Our services

Services to businesses

In a market where professional development is key for Latin Americans seeking to work in Canada in order to meet the strong demand for qualified labour, the Mission Canada International program provides a solution by facilitating this process.

Welcoming and integration logistics

We act as a bridge between Colombia and Quebec for both students and workers. Students begin their transition in Colombia, undergoing francization directly in Colombian schools.

Hiring procedure

We support you in making your dreams come true from the beginning of your francization, and work to improve your quality of life via our integration and training tools.

Permit and visa processing

We work in cooperation with specialized consultants for each country, such as our lawyers with expertise in immigration consulting. These specialists will help you get all the information you need to make your arrival as smooth as possible.

Immigration advice

We help you obtain your student (adult and child) permits and worker permits to facilitate your official integration into Canada.

International study program

Mission Canada International is dedicated to helping students acquire long-term career tools and offering you a fastlane to personal fulfilment by optimizing your potential and guiding you in your professional development.
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The Latin American Workers in Action program was created to meet the requirements of clients interested in hiring specialized technical workers in their businesses, and accordingly to ensure motivated, dedicated human resources selected with the right skills, abilities and talents to successfully fill the job at hand.

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